The Rainbow

This simple grounding exercise is called 'The Rainbow' and is great for moments when you are feeling panic or anxiety and need a quick technique - just look around you and spot an object for each of the colours of the rainbow - red, yellow, green, orange, indigo, purple and blue.

5- 4 -3 -2 - 1 Grounding Technique

Take a breath... breathing gently in through your nose, pause then out through your mouth, get into a gentle rhythm as you start to look around you. SIGHT -notice and name 5 things you can see; SOUND – notice and name 4 things you can hear, really tune in; TOUCH – notice and name 3 things you can feel, notice the textures; TASTE – notice and name 2 things you can taste or enjoy tasting, really imagine the flavours and taste sensations; SMELL – notice and name 1 thing you can smell or enjoy the aroma of, really imagine the scent sensations. And finally, breathe five things you can see, five things you can hear, and five things you can feel, taste, or smell.

Childline's Calm Zone

Childline's Calm Zone has a range of videos to help you cope with stress. Follow the link here to find inner calm.

Video link

Wake the Senses - Try this....

- Splash some cool water on your face - really take notice as to how it feels. Notice the cool feeling. Notice the texture of the towel as you gently pat your face dry. Name the sensations, name the textures, notice how you feel.

Work It Out of Your System

If you're adrenalin's really flowing and you're just too full of energy to try the ideas above, try working it out of the system a bit first... march on the spot, dance round your bedroom, sing at top volume, take a brisk walk, do some star jumps, run round the garden... and then when you've let off some steam, try some of the ideas above for grounding and restoring calm...

A movement meditation with Licia Sky

A moment of gentle connection with Licia Sky from the Trauma Therapy Foundation to help restore calm. Find a 'sphere of space' to practice this standing, moving meditation - you are invited to try what feels safe for you and to notice your body, your breath and to join in where you can.

Play Licia's video